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ABC Life Literacy Canada - January 22, 2020 - Has attachments - Education, Events and Announcements, Families, Parenting and Children
TORONTO --/COMMUNITYWIRE/-- Family Literacy Day is taking place on January 27th and hundreds of groups across the country are preparing to celebrate the annual initiative. Created in 1999 by ABC Life Literacy Canada, Family...
Scouts Canada - January 13, 2020 - Environment and Nature, Families, Parenting and Children, Health and Safety, Seasonal
Click here to download photos. Photo credit: Images courtesy of Scouts Canada. The snow and cold are here to stay – meteorologists are predicting a classic Canadian winter season with chilly conditions hanging on through...
News Media Canada | Médias d'Info Canada - January 9, 2020 - Has attachments - Events and Announcements, Finance and Business, Government
TORONTO --/COMMUNITYWIRE/-- News Media Canada, the voice of the print and digital news media industry in Canada, announced today a second call for applications to its Local Journalism Initiative program.
News Media Canada | Médias d'Info Canada - December 20, 2019 - Events and Announcements, Finance and Business, Government
TORONTO, ON -- /COMMUNITYWIRE/ -- News Media Canada today announced that it will fund 105 journalists at 94 host news organizations across Canada under the Government of Canada’s Local Journalism Initiative. News Media...
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) - December 12, 2019 - Has attachments - Agriculture, Families, Parenting and Children, Finance and Business, General, Health and Safety
By Robin Anderson for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association Grain entrapment is a growing concern on farms and in grain handling facilities. Grain entrapment happens quickly and is often fatal. That’s where the...
ALS Forum Community - November 29, 2019 - Has attachments - Events and Announcements
ALS Forum, a support community aimed solely at people affected by ALS has relaunched their support community with an improved website.  ALS Forum has been online since 2003 and has helped support over 1 million people...
National Newspaper Awards - November 28, 2019 - Finance and Business
Must first apply for eligibility Applications for eligibility must be received by December 12, 2019 Entries can be submitted between December 15, 2019 and January 15, 2020 Did you know that community newspapers and other...
Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety - November 27, 2019 - Health and Safety
About MIPS, the Dr. John Wade Patient Safety Initiatives Grant, the Patient Safety Champion Award The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety’s grants are named in honour of Dr. John G. Wade. The University of Manitoba...
Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety - November 27, 2019 - Has attachments - General
WINNIPEG, MB --/COMMUNITYWIRE/-- MIPS is proud to announce two successful Dr. John Wade Patient Safety Initiatives Grant-supported projects—one to prevent medication harm and another to study the healing potential of...
News Media Canada | Médias d'Info Canada - November 5, 2019 - Finance and Business, Government
TORONTO --/COMMUNITYWIRE/-- News Media Canada is inviting media organizations to submit applications for the Local Journalism Initiative, which aims to provide funding to Canadian media organizations to hire reporters to cover...